Pool Resurfacing and Tile

Pool Resurfacing and TileA pool can be the focal point of your landscape. A well-maintained pool will instantly draw attention and stand out. A badly maintained one also stands out, but in an unsavory manner. Such pools look dirty and unpleasant. People don’t really want to swim in them. Swimming pool resurfacing is the best way to improve the look and appeal of the pool.

At Suncoast Brick Pavers LLC, we have worked on several pool resurfacing projects. It takes skill and experience to do it, especially if we’re resurfacing it with tiles. Our regular clients in Tampa and the surrounding towns of New Port Richey, Springhill, Pinellas, St. Pete, and Lutz have always trusted us to do great quality work.

We’ve recently completed some pool repair projects in Manatee, Hillsborough, Clearwater, Pasco, Odessa, and Hernando as well.

Expert Pool Resurfacing & Tile Services

Lining the pool surface with tile is one of the best ways to enhance its look. Tiled pools look clean, attractive, and clear, drawing the attention of your family and visitors alike. However, installing tile isn’t an easy task. Resurfacing is a major investment, especially if you’re using tiles. You want the results of the repair work to last for a long time.

We make sure that you get a great pool that’s worth every penny you spend. We have skilled masons who know how to install tiles carefully and precisely. They resurface the pool thoroughly, ensuring that each tile is level and there are no bumps and edges that might cause accidents.

Design Services

Pool Resurfacing and TilePool tile designs can add another level of beauty to your pool. There are several people who want to try something new and unique. Tile designs can have a mesmerizing effect when the pool is filled with water. If you want more than just plain tiles on the surface, you can consult with your expert designer for ideas.

You can choose amongst a variety of colors and tile designs. There are some people who have experimented with non-traditional colors like black, and even red. You can choose the classic pool tile as well, which is blue and stunning in its own way.

Client Comfort

It is our goal to make sure that the remodel causes the least amount of disruption. Pool resurfacing can be a big project that takes time.

  • Before the project starts, we recommend that you remove all poolside furniture and fixtures if possible. This will prevent accidents.
  • The pool area can become dusty so it’s advisable to keep any backyard installations covered.
  • Our workers have a habit of cleaning up after their work is done so you don’t have to worry about any mess.

We take every step possible to ease the process for you. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us at Suncoast Brick Pavers, LLC. All you need to do is fill in this Contact Us form. If want a free estimate, you can fill in Request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also give us a call at 813 323 4014. We’ll be happy to hear from you.