Porcelain Pavers

Landscaped areas need proper design and planning and the right materials to ensure they’re resilient and last for a number of years. When property owners are having these areas designed, it is also important that the features and materials used in these outdoor spaces are low-maintenance and cost-efficient. With all these aspects in view, porcelain pavers are a great choice for most landscapes and yards.

We at Suncoast Brick Pavers, LLC have handled porcelain paver installations for clients in and around Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Springhill, and Hernando. Our unique installations have also enhanced the functionality and appeal of landscapes in Lutz, Odessa, New Port Richey, as well as Hillsborough. Our team has completed a significant number or porcelain paver overlay projects in Pasco, Pinellas, and the surrounding areas. When we handle this job, our focus is on making sure that our clients get unique and attractive outdoor areas.

We are a custom-centric company that always looks to provide client’s value for money. This is why we use the best quality porcelain pavers from companies such as Belgard and Del Consa USA. While stunning landscapes is a lot about using our creativity and knowledge, top quality products lend finesse and sophistication to the final product.

Outdoor Porcelain Pavers - The Benefits

Take a look at why porcelain pavers are an excellent choice for outdoor kitchens, patios, walkways, pathways etc.:

  • Style and Design Options - These pavers are available in a range of colors, styles and designs. You can find something to complement the look of traditionally styled landscapes as well as modernistic and contemporary ones. You can choose from pavers that emulate the appearance of natural stone and wood, which allows you to create the look you want in your outdoor spaces.

  • Durable and Resilient - Outdoor porcelain pavers are very similar to tiles of the same material that are used in indoor spaces. But the former are thicker and specifically designed for exterior applications and are more resilient and durable. They have amazingly high breakage loads, which makes them a suitable choice for high-traffic areas.

  • Weather-Resistant - These pavers are also frost-resistant, which means they won’t deteriorate or become impacted by inclement weather conditions and climatic changes.

  • Skid-Resistant - They have skid-resistant surfaces that make them ideal for outdoor areas as they reduce the chances of slippage and related accidents. They are a great flooring solution for poolscapes and spa areas as these spaces tend to see a lot of water and regular use.

  • Ease of Installation - These pavers are also very easy to install and no complex base preparation is required to set them. They can be dry laid on compacted sand, dirt, gravel and grass and even concrete roofs and terraces. Since no mortar, grout or adhesives are required, it makes the installation quick and easy. This reduces the overall cost of the project for you.

We are a company that has proved its expertise in this industry and have worked extensively with Del Consa USA and Belgard porcelain paver products. Our designers will provide you details and specifications about these materials and help you make a well-informed choice.

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